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Like all stories, this is a long one but here's the short version. We started in the hills of Humboldt County before the states went legal. It was truly a tale set in a lawless time. We learned a lot, then decided to take our cultivation skills and great smiles back home to Oregon. Along with us we packed all the wisdom we could muster from the stories, hundreds of contacts in the biz and friendships made along the way.  

There was a sacrificial VW bus sale made by one of the owners in order to put down roots and a down payment on the property that's now cultivating some of our state's top-quality cannabis. Since day one, sustainability and environmental stewardship have driven our farming philosophy and continue to influence our growth as a company. This plant has a story to tell and that's where you come into play. We want you to help us set it free. We invite you on our shared adventure in doing so.




Oso Verde flower can be found in over 50 Oregon dispensaries and counting. We will be updating our growing list here.




From OG to Ice Cream Cake we are continuously on the pursuit of growing the highest quality flower while having the least negative effect on consumer health and the environment. In addition to best practices for farming sustainably we're constantly growing. Please be on the lookout here, give us a follow on Instagram or ask at your budtender about some of the new experiments we can't wait to launch.




When you have fun with your employees and pay them above and beyond industry-standard wages it shows in the product. Our hand-trimmed and hand-watered flower is a work of art made by people who love their craft. When our crew isn't farming, chances are they're writing music, performing or pursuing another creative outlet on the side. In order to keep the magic on the farm despite tireless long hot days we make sure all the free spirits here know they're well-loved, highly-respected and encouraged to be themselves.